Allow me to reintroduce myself.


Ever see a picture of yourself or something you wrote a long time ago and cringe so hard your toes hurt? Well, that's how I feel about some of the stuff I've written on this website from just 1 year ago.  

Reading parts of this website back today, it just doesn't sound like me at all. I actually wrote most of my 'about me' and 'yoga philosophy' whilst still training and I can tell I'm trying so hard to 'sound like a yoga teacher'. Going back to training actually, the feedback from my practical exam was 'great, now stop playing the role of the yoga teacher and be yourself'. Harder than you think hey? Like when someone says 'act natural', you immediately do something awkward.  

This first year of teaching has been a steep learning curve and all about trying to find my 'style' and stop beating myself up for everything I'm not and starting to celebrating everything I am. I'm pretty confident with where I'm at now. Flows that feel good, not too complex, maybe building a little heat and strength, learning how to breathe properly, leaving your everyday worries off the mat and then providing a juicy Savasana. But most importantly practising kindness, kindness towards yourself and your body, as well as everyone around you, the people you know and the people you don't. That's yoga you can take off the mat and more powerful than any posture.

Through my teaching I aim to bring you the best of yoga in plain English....with a hint of Essex ;)  

So yeah, allow me to reintroduce myself.... amended 'About Me' coming soon :)