The Best Vegan Restaurants In Tel Aviv

For my 30th Birthday in February we took a trip to Tel Aviv, but being so busy beforehand I didn't really have time to research or plan vegan places to eat or go to (other than of course, going to The Dead Sea - which I highly recommend everyone do by the way, as it's getting smaller and smaller every year!). 

After a little Googling at the airport and some awesome recommendations from the hotel staff, I've put together 4 amazing vegan restaurants you need to try in Tel Aviv. These are in no particular order, but I'll let you know my fav!


Really casual and yummy vegan junk food. We had a wrap, burger and fries which was delicious. The desserts looked absolutely, amazing too, but we were too full to try. This place was super affordable as well so perfect for a quick lunch.

tel aviv vegan food
goodness tel aviv


Bana was a little more on the pricey side and was a lot more health conscious / plant based. In my opinion, I thought it was expensive for what it was. The portions were pretty small too, so you kind of needed to order a few plates each. The restaurant itself is very 'Instagrammable'. Perfect for a light, healthy lunch if you don't mind spending these extra money.

vegan tel aviv bana
bana restaurant tel viva israel


This place was a recommendation from one of the hotel staff on our last day. the food was amazing and the restaurant was really quirky. The dishes are very unusual, so we needed help ordering, but we loved everything that came to the table. Everything is vegan, the portions were generous and it was very reasonably priced. 

Zakaim tel aviv
Zakaim tel aviv vegan food


Nanuckha was easily my favourite place to eat, not just in Israel, but EVER! This is Israel's first ever 100% vegan Georgian restaurant and has won many awards from Timeout magazine, so I had high expectations, which they easily met, and some! The restaurant itself is really, cosy and romantic, with lots of interesting cocktails to get your night started. We had dolmades, 'meat' balls, seitan shawarma and incredible cheesecake-y style desserts. If you go to any of these places in Tel Aviv, make sure you try here :)

You can check out what else I got up to in Tel Aviv HERE in my Tel Aviv Vlog, with tips on how to keep in vegan in Israel.

vegan tel aviv
vegan food in tel aviv
vegan food tel aviv
where to eat vegan in tel aviv