Vegan Keto Diet Research


I've been doing a vegan version of the ketogenic diet for around 4 months now and have been loving it. I've reduced my body fat, have more energy, have discovered mental clarity I don't think I've ever experienced before and the main one for me.... I am no longer riding sugar highs/lows throughout the day. YAS!

But, it's not all been plain sailing on the vegan keto diet, it's a little more tricky than the regular keto diet and you have to do your research. I've found the below sources for the keto diet really helpful when guiding me through the process and explaining what's actually happening to my body. The sources below provide some great insight on how to get your body into ketosis, what ketones actually are, the side effects and benefits of a keto diet.

I've found with this diet you are constantly learning throughout the entire process. For me anyway, when I see changes and challenges, I want to know why/how/when. So before you start this vegan keto diet, set yourself some time beforehand to get clued up on the basics.

I have posted a YouTube video on my 5 tips for starting a vegan keto diet and you can watch it HERE. I find YouTube the most helpful resource for finding new vegan keto recipes too.


Ruth May

Dr. Eric Berg


Leanne Vogel

Keto Answers



The Magic Pill