Easy Vegan Keto Cauliflower Cheese


Here is a super simple, one-pot-wonder, dairy free cauliflower cheese recipe, which is suitable for those following a vegan keto way of eating. You can probably get the net carbs even lower by using an unsweetened almond milk, but I really love the way this Alpro oat milk makes it creamy, so I'm happy to have a few extra carbs than I usually would for a main meal. You could also add some flax seed into the cheese sauce, or as a topping to get the protein up too.

The vegan keto cauliflower cheese recipe and macros below are based on 2 people eating a main meal. However this makes a good side dish for around 3-4 people. 


Calories: 579 / Fat: 43.2g / Protein: 11.7g / Net Carbs: 21.5g



- Heat the oil and add crushed garlic cloves, chopped onion, Italian herb seasoning and salt and pepper.

- Whilst this is softening in the pan, partially boil the cauliflower.

vegan keto cauliflower cheese

- Once the onions are soft, add the dairy-free butter, oat milk, Bouillon vegan stock, nutritional yeast and 3/4's of dairy-free cheese. Heat gently and keep stirring to avoid the cheese sticking to the bottom (dairy-free cheese take a little longer to melt than dairy cheese, so don't worry if it doesn't fully melt. - it will when it goes in the oven). Add salt and pepper to taste.

- Drain the cauliflower and stir into the cheese sauce. To thicken the sauce add small amounts of coconut flower and nutritional yeast.

- Even off the top and sprinkle the rest of the dairy-free cheese on top.  Place under the grill for the top layer of cheese to melt / go brown if you like it that way :) (Transfer to a pot that is safe for use under the grill/in the oven).

dairy free cauliflower cheese

- Serve up and enjoy! I like to serve mine with either crispy kale or courgette, these are both great for a vegan keto diet as well.

I hope you found this easy vegan keto cauliflower cheese recipe helpful and tag me in your pictures on Instagram if you recreate @hmfyoga

Easy vegan ketogenic cauliflower cheese recipe