I’m not going to lie, this post is more for me than anyone else, but feel free to take what you need from it!

So I’m not actually a fan on NYE as it’s always felt like a time for ‘forced fun’. However, I actually love the idea of setting goals and intentions for the year ahead. Looking back at my goals for 2018, a smashed a couple, so very nearly completed a few and some that got completely scrapped early on!

This year I’m keeping them much more simple and to the point. I’m mostly writing this to hold myself accountable! You may notice I have numbers against most of these. Personally I find this much more helpful for me, as they become measurable, rather than wishy-washy hopes!

  • Get £XX,XXX in savings account. That house isn’t going to buy itself.

  • Finish the bloody lists. If I write a list, I have to tick off everything on it.

  • Complete Yin yoga teacher training and get a permanent Yin class somewhere or set up my own.

  • PLEASE finish www.hmfyoga.online

  • Write 1 blog post per week. That’s only 52!

  • Build mailing list to XXX and be consistent with mail outs. CONSISTENT is the key word here!

  • Learn how to film and edit yoga videos. Then post at least 1 yoga flow a week on YouTube. 52 again!

  • Do more for charity, especially through yoga. Do 1 community/charity/donation based class per month. 12 things.

  • Use social media as a tool for WORK. It’s noisy as fuck and full of shit mostly anyway.

  • Go on a solo holiday/retreat.

  • Keep up the yoga practise. Only in Nov/Dec last year I really built up a self-practise and I’ve loved it. So keep it up - be consistent!

  • TRY. Whatever comes my way this year I will always do my absolute best. Whether that be cooking dinner or creating an online course. Never do anything half-arsed.

Happy new year everyone! I hope you happy and productive 2019!

Helen x