Before going keto I was a total sugar addict…. To be honest, I think I always will be, but by eating keto it’s a lot more manageable.

As a yoga teacher in London, I’m always running from one place to the next and would find I needed to eat before and after every class for energy/ to keep me awake. I was hooked on sugary and carby snacks like cereal bars and even high sugar fruits. So throughout the day I was riding a sugar rollercoaster. I also have challenges with my mental health which I strongly believe this was exacerbating. When I heard that the ketogenic diet can help with both of those things, plus burn fat, I knew I had to give it a go. I’d read that doing keto as a vegan was hard, but I didn’t want to miss out on all these amazing benefits, just because I was vegan.

When starting a vegan keto diet, I actually didn’t find it too challenging, as I was so motivated to feel better. The more you research, the more recipes and yummy food you find you can still fit into your daily carb allowance. You can check out a my tips on starting a vegan keto diet HERE and see some ‘what I eat in a day’ on a vegan keto diet videos HERE.

Being quite the ‘snacker’ I was really pleased to find Keto Cacao chocolate, which is dairy free, vegan, sugar free , gluten free and has MCT oil in them, so ideal for a vegan keto diet. They also have just a few ingredients in them, so you can see exactly what you are taking in. The bars are 50grams each and if you ate a whole one, you could still fit it into your daily carb allowance. However, I find because they are so rich and satisfying I only need half a bar at a time. The hazelnut chocolate bar is my favourite, although the plain dark one melts really well for baking or being more experimental in the kitchen!

Keto Cacao have kindly gifted me another box and given me a 20% off discount code to share. Use HELEN20 at the checkout :) Check out them out HERE.

Now I intermittently fast and live a vegan keto way of life, I feel so, so, so, much better - Literally like superwoman. If you’d like to know more of the benefits on living a vegan keto way of life, let me know and I will write another blog post or film a video on my YouTube Channel :)