I previously wrote a post breaking down warrior 1, 2, and 3, however I completely forgot about the other 2 warriors! So here’s a break down of Humble Warrior and Reverse Warrior. I hope you find them helpful, but as usual if you have any questions, please leave me a comment below or drop me an email at



In reverse warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana) the feet, legs and pelvis are in the same position as warrior 2. You can check out the alignment cues for warrior 2 HERE.

From warrior 2, keep the legs the same, but slide the back hand down the back leg and reach the front hand towards to sky/ back of the room to go deeper, this should feel like a side stretch rather than a backbend. You can gaze up towards the top hand and fix your graze, however is that is too much strain on the neck, look down towards the back foot. Be mindful of the knee here, keep it safe by aligning over the ankle. To take this pose even deeper you can lift the heel of the front foot to make it more challenging.

Reverse warrior is great for creating space and stretching out the side body as well as strengthening the legs.



In humble warrior the feet, legs and pelvis are in a similar position to warrior 1, but with a couple of tweaks. You can check our the alignment cues for warrior 1 HERE.

So with the lower half of the body in warrior 1, make sure the edge of the back foot is firmly grounded… This is going to act as your anchor in humble warrior. Interlace the fingers behind the back and squeeze the shoulder blades together to open the chest. From here, take the front foot out further to the side a little to make space for the upper body to bow down. Take a big inhale and as you exhale keep the chest open, but bow forward releasing the head and pelvis down.

This is a big hip opening pose and can also challenge your balance, so to modify you can lightly rest a shoulder on to the front thigh. Otherwise, if you’d like to go deeper bring the shoulder inside the thigh so there is no support and gravity can pull to closer to the mat.

The key with this one is to be humble and allow gravity to help you out. Relax the neck and jaw, but remain strong in the legs.

Humble warrior is a big hip opener, challenges your balance and teaches us to let go and surrender.

I hope your found this alternative warrior guide helpful! Any requests for pose break downs please let me know!