If like me, when you walk into Holland & Barratt and think, “Do I really need all of this?!” The answer is no. No you don’t!

Vive Wellness were kind enough to send me a 28 day supply of bespoke supplements, which were tailored to my diet, activity levels and lifestyle after completing a 5 min online consultation (which is free to everyone by the way). After that, I was sent 5 supplements in little packages to take everyday…. This would have cost just £26.75 for the selections I needed. But even after their recommendations you can also add/takeaway anything from your package.

I love the way these supplements have been packaged up so you get a little pouch each day with everything you need… Rather than having lots of random plastic bottles cluttering up the kitchen. This also makes them really easy to takeaway with you on your travels. I’m about 14 days in and have taken them every single day…. Which is kinda rare for me, as even on busy, early mornings I pop a pouch in my bag to take when I’m on the Tube! I’ve definitely noticed a difference with some complaints I had, so the suggestions seem to be working :) So far, so good!

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