Last Sunday we popped along to All Bar One in the city after a spin class (I know, how #basic #fitspo!) to try out the new vegan menu. The All Bar One’s in the city are actually really nice and quiet on the weekend and perfect for a quick lunch. Previously I’d only ever been to All Bar One on a night out, when the bar was filled with with loud city types! I wouldn’t usually order food there either, as you would think it was just ‘drunk food’ / ‘getting drunk food’. I’m talking chips, onion rings. wings, you know, beige stuff!

We decided to go for the 2 courses for £10.95 which is a bargain, however Rich’s main came with an additional charge of £4 which I thought was a bit steep (will get into that!) The plant based menu and everything is described in detail which really helps with choice. It’s so nice to have a separate menu to pick from as it takes the scanning and guessing away.


TACOS: The vegan tacos were a little cold a watery, but this might be because we were the first to order from the lunch menu and had to wait for brunch to end. The taco’s didn’t pack any punch at all, which you’d expect from a Mexican starter. However, the portion size was good, but I wouldn’t order again.

CAULIFLOWER WINGS: A clear winner! The batter was light and crispy, the yoghurt and chutney which they came with complimented the wings perfectly. I would order this again and again.



CAULIFLOWER SHANK: the cauliflower shank was described on the menu has spiced with giant couscous, but there wasn’t really any flavour at all. The pomegranate was the only real flavour I was getting from this dish unfortunately. I also wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be served hot or cold…. as it’s was kind of in between, some parts were cold and others were warm-ish. maybe I just got a bad experience of this cauliflower dish on the day, but I wouldn’t bother ordering this, try something else.

PLANT BASED BEYOND MEAT BURGER: So this was £4 extra on top of the meal deal, so I actually think this is pricey for a normal sized burger and a small portion of chips. However, it was delicious! The cheese and sauces in the burger were really tasty and the burger patty (Beyond Meat brand) was really good. I thought the bun was a bit ‘meh’ for quite an expensive burger and it fell apart really easily. I think the downside of this burger is mostly the price though and the fact you can buy 2 Beyond Meat burgers in Tesco for £5 and make yourself a proper gourmet burger for a fraction of the price.

Overall the meal was okay…. 6/10. I would be interested in trying more from the menu, to see if I was missing out on any other amazing dishes like the cauli wings. I would like to give the desserts a go too, however I had a Dinning Out voucher I got for Christmas to pay for this meal, so I’m not sure about spending my own coin on this menu as the prices seem a little inflated in my opinion.

Have you tried the All Bar One plant-based menu? Would did you think? Is there anything I’m missing out on? Let me know!

Helen x