I love any recipe that requires minimal effort, for maximum taste and this vegan chia seed pudding is exactly that. It’s also very low in carbohydrate, making it a great snack for any of those following a keto or vegan keto diet. I will also pop the macros below for those who are starting out on a vegan keto journey and are currently tracking their food.

For this chia seed pudding you can use whatever jar you have available and could even prepare a few for the week, if like me, you like to hoard glass jars…. This chia seed pudding recipe is so, so easy and makes for a great breakfast or mid morning snack, and I think it tastes pudding-ey and treat like enough to satisfy as an after dinner dessert without the carbs and sugar!

I hope you like this vegan recipe and send me your pictures if you make it on Twitter @HMFYOGA


For this chia seed pudding you will need the following ingredients:


The method for this pudding it literally an assembly job and bung it in the fridge overnight. I love how quick this is to make, keeping the faff out of preparing vegan keto snacks!

If you’d like to up the fat and protein you can always top with some flaked almonds, desiccated coconut or chopped nuts. Or maybe mix in a protein powder…. let me know if you find a vegan keto one that doesn’t taste gross!


For anyone following a vegan keto diet, here are the macros of this chia seed pudding based on the measurements above. You can always tweak the recipe to your macros / tastebuds!

  • 11 grams Fat

  • 6 grams Protein

  • 8 grams Carbohydrate

  • 190 Calories