Here are some weird and wonderful ways coconut oil can be used. There are some random one’s in there and maybe even some you’ve never heard of or tried before.

My favourite coconut oil to eat is the extra virgin organic coconut oil from Vita Coco and I use a cheaper one on my skin and for when I’m oil pulling, such as this KTC coconut oil, which can also be found in Sainsbury’s and Tesco usually.


  1. Use as a deep conditioning hair and scalp mask. Massage in to scalp and length of the hair, wrap in an old towel and leave for a couple of hours or over night.

  2. Perfect to use as a cuticle oil post manicure or pedicure.

  3. Use to whiten teeth as a coconut oil pull. Use a table spoon of coconut oil and place in mouth, swirl around the mouth for 10-15mins (gives your facial muscles a bit of a workout too!) be mindful not to swallow any of the oil. Then spit into a paper bag (not down the drain!) Brush teeth and repeat everyday. I have a vlog showing where I do this HERE.

  4. Use is baking and cooking. Coconut oil is perfect for cooking curries or replaces oil or butter in cakes.

  5. As a make up remover. Coconut oil great for even removing waterproof mascara and wipes clean with a warm cloth, leave on the little bit of residue as a serum.

  6. Use in replacement to shaving cream. Super slippy and glides the razor over the skin, whilst also conditioning.

  7. Add to black coffee to replace milk and get a shot of good fat in. If you’re keto, great for Bulletproof coffees.

  8. Use to moisturise all over the body, especially knees, heels and elbows. I like to use after dry body brushing. You can read more about how I dry body brush HERE.

  9. Remove excess wax from the skin when hair removing. Gets off the sticky stuff in just a wipe!

  10. Use as a hair serum to tame fly away hairs. Use on the ends of hair to tame the fizz, just a small amount is needed… otherwise see use 1 again :)

I hope you find this list of how to use coconut oil helpful. Coconut oil is such a great all rounder, and you can save lots of money on expensive skincare, haircare and body care by replacing with coconut oil. If you have any favourite uses I have missed, drop them in the comments below as I’d love to find some more uses for coconut oil!