During a 4 day long weekend in Glasgow, we got to try lots of vegan food and drink across the city. I hope you find this mini review of Glasgow’s vegan food helpful. Some of the vegan food and drink I’ve chosen to show has not come for 100% vegan places, which I actually think is a good thing, because it shows ‘regular’ restaurants, cafes and bars are still acknowledging the fact they need to provide at least a couple of vegan options on their menus :)


Picnic is by far my favourite out of all the vegan places we tried in Glasgow. the food is fresh, interesting and steers clear of your regular ‘vegan junk food’. Picnic was so good I went back twice and Rich went 3 times in a 4 day trip! The first time we went, I ordered the soup of the day which was a thai green lentil soup. It was delicious, not too runny, not too thick and I loved the little sprinkle of seeds for extra good stuff! Rich had the BLT which was by far the stand out plant based food thing of the weekend, the ‘bacon’ was so good and Richie ordered a second one straight away. We also shared a Snowball, which was a perfect little sharer. The baked cakes, biscuits and pastries are amazing, plus really reasonably priced. The soup, BLT and snowball came to around £10.

The next time we tried the full vegan Scottish, I loved it, especially because it had potato scones, but palmed off the asparagus to Richie. The vegan breakfast was delicious, but slightly more expensive / too much for what it was. I think it was £9ish, which would be fine if it came with a drink, but it didn’t. To be fair, this wouldn’t stop me from ordering it again though! If you go to Picnic you have to try the Empire biscuit too, it will not disappoint!


THE 78

The pictures I got at The 78 are terrible, but this is not a reflection of the food :) We were just having such a nice time. We went early on a Friday evening and got a table straight away, it’s like a converted ‘old man’s pub’, so really cosy, with lots of vegan beers, wines and cocktails to choose from. Rich had the carbonara with garlic bread which was by far the best carbonara I’ve had and even though the bread was sourdough (not usually a fan) it wasn’t too hard and was lovely and garlicky. I had the jackfruit shwarma, which came with rice ( you can choose flat bread over rice though) and was full of flavours, it was so nice I inhaled it, so the only downside is that I would have liked a bigger portion! Really impressed with the freshness of the food and the general nice vibe of The 78.



I couldn’t go to Glasgow and not mention that their local beer Tennents is vegan! I don’t think I’d ever had one before and I really enjoyed it. I can’t remember where we had this, but it was somewhere near the University.



So Tantrum Doughnuts are not fully plant based, but they did have 2 really good vegan options for us to try. We had the peanut butter and the blueberry jam glazed doughnut. Both were delicious and the dough was really light and fluffy, not heavy at all. they were both super sweet though!



This is were I start to feel a bit bad…. Mono was recommended to us by so many people and was even listed in the ‘21 things to d in Glasgow’ according to TimeOut. But unfortunately I think we may have gone on a bad day. Richie’s sub sandwich was really nice and flavoured really well, plus the coleslaw was nice (I think it may have been the vegan M&S one). But the seitan I ordered was really chewy and greasy, the broccoli was cooked really nicely, as well as the rice, but it was all covered in way too much oil (and I’m usually an oily kinda person!) I saw some people ordering the pizza which actually looked really nice so maybe I just ordered badly. It’s also a pub that holds gigs, which isn’t really where I like to eat, but totally understand this could be the dreamy for others :)

I absolutely loved our long weekend away and Glasgow and if you want to see more from our trip, check out my Vegan Glasgow Vlog. I also want to mentioned a few more vegan places in Glasgow: SEITANS LOT, this was close to our AirBnb in Kelvingrove, right on a Sainsbury Local petrol station forecourt. Unfortunately they had closed when we saw them and didn’t have time to get breakfast from their in the morning, but so cool to see a little vegan place like this where you least expect it. Rich also tried ROSE & GRANTS and raved about it, so a bit gutted I missed out on that one! We also ordered Deliveroo from GLASVEGAN one night we couldn’t be bothered to go out (it was so good I forgot to take pictures) but definitely try their plant based hotdogs called Not-Dogs, the sides and the raw vegan cheesecake we had for desserts was delicious, without feeling too naughty.