Where to eat vegan in Malta

We travelled to Malta in October this year for a short, 5 day holiday. We actually found it pretty tough finding good vegan options to begin with. This could have been because we were just out of peak season and a lot of places had short opening times.

With all that being said, we found some incredible places to find vegan food all over Malta, so here’s a list with a little review for each.

Balance Bowl

We stumbled upon Balance Bowl as it was on the same road as our hotel. We got there just after lunch so the salad bar was looking a little lack-lustre, but the rest of the menu sounded promising. We both had seitan burgers which were delicious, but would have preferred proper chips on the side. We were still pretty hungry after those so shared this 50cm pizza bread thing. I would definitely recommend this place for a quick and simple lunch.


The Grassy Hopper

All google searches for ‘vegan food in Malta’ all point to The Grassy Hopper and for very good reason. We ended up going twice and loved it both times. The restaurant has a really nice feel to it, with a little shop area for vegan and cruelty free food and beauty products. plus the staff were so lovely and friendly.

The first time we went there, they weren’t yet serving the dinner menu, but we were too hungry to wait so order the smoked carrot wraps. I would never usually order something like this, but it was so tasty I’m really glad I had it. We then had some amazing tea and cake for dessert.

The second time we went it was ‘pizza night’. We both had the ‘protein’ pizza, which had tofu on and lots of other toppings I can’t quite remember. But I do remember the base! It was soft and doughy, but not heavy at all. I would high recommend this place and the prices were very reasonable.


Gugar Bar & Hangout

Gugar is very tiny and I wasn’t too sure on it when we first walked in. There were lots of staff, but they weren’t very attentive and one was taking up a whole table space to write a board for the next day, so it all felt very cramped.

It was very cheap in here though and the falafel platter we ordered had lovely, homemade falafel bites. The hummus was okay, but it was a little on the dry side for me. We had a couple of coffee and halva balls as a little treat for afterwards as well, they were the best bit in my opinion.

I think this place would be cool for a couple of drinks, but it’s not very comfortable and I think if you’re not a regular, it wasn’t very welcoming.


La Brioscia

This was such a good find! Rich had a craving for ice cream and I thought we stood no chance of finding vegan ice cream in Malta.

La Brioscia had 4 vegan options and really clear labelling so ideal for anyone with food intolerances or allergies. The vegan options were Lemon, hazelnut, chocolate and pistachio. I was so excited that it was actual vegan ice cream and not just some icy sorbets! The dairy free chocolate and pistachio ice creams were incredible and I would say definitely worth a visit if you’re around Medina.

(Google maps doesn’t have the correct location when we went though, so check their Facebook page instead).


Green Mood
Green Mood is the only ‘100% vegan’ restaurant in Malta and is located on Gozo. Green Mood food is all plant based and focused on being healthy. They do not put any salt or sugar in their dishes and I didn’t miss it at all.

The salad I had was very fresh and the breakfast bowl Richie had was really sweet without making you feel guilty!

After chatting to the owner however, I would say this restaurant is plant based and not vegan. There is a strong focus on health and not about animal welfare. Not a bad thing, I would just be mindful of getting into conversations about meat…. (I bite my tongue…hard!)



Theobroma is located in Valetta and actually also supply cake and treats to The Grassy Hopper. Theobroma has 1 little take with some stools on the outside, so make sure you visit on a nice day :)

Everything is vegan, which made it so hard to decide what to have because they had so many amazing options. We had two variations of chocolatey things and delicious coffee. We used our last 2 Euros on a salted caramel ball to share which was incredible.

Not only are the vegan chocolates and coffees amazing, but the staff were so lovely and friendly, so just all round good vibes.


Soul Food

Soul Food is in Valetta and is along a street with lots of other touristy places to eat. It was so nice to see a veggie/vegan restaurant right in the middle of one of the busiest parts of town.

I had the began Buddha bowl with lentil burger and Rich had the pasta. I would say very overpriced for what we had… this could have been down the location however. The flat bread and veggies I had were well cooked and the burger was okay… it was more like a fried lentil patty, as the texture was so soft, like over-mashed potato. Richie’s pasta was just okay, pasta with tomato sauce, what’s to go wrong really!

I would say if you don’t mind spending a bit more for the connivence, it’s worth a visit, as it’s very tricky to eat vegan in non-vegan places in Malta.


U & Co

This was our last food stop in Malta and it was lovely to go somewhere new and clean! It’s a trendy set up and the vegan menu was great.

Rich went for the acai smoothie bowl which was delicious (he said could have done with a bit more granola though) and I had the pulled jackfruit and chips. The pulled jackfruit had BBQ sauce on which was nice and it was cooked well. The coffee and service were also really good.

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